Abeo Shoes : The Dee Wedge with Metatarsal Support

This review of the the Abeo Dee wedge sandal is sponsored by The Walking Company. The opinions are completely my own based on experience.

I sat across from a woman at the salon, both of us under dryers as our foils did their thing. She had on a pair of Abeo shoes: the ever-popular, water-resistant Goleta sandal. I resisted the temptation to start an awkward conversation about comfort shoes–she wouldn’t be able to hear me anyway.

Abeo Dee Sandals

Abeo may be known for supportive active sandals and dress casual flats, but they’re upping the game in the style department with these summery espadrille wedges. The Abeo Dee closed-toe wedge sandal is new for 2017, featuring arch support and a metatarsal support option–which, as you know, is hard to find in 2 1/2″ heel.

I had a chance to wear my new Abeo Dee wedges out to dinner with my husband last week. On our short walk from the car to the restaurant, I realized why I prefer flats and platforms–even an elevation of 2 1/2″ feels a bit out of my comfort zone! And my knees weren’t the ones complaining, rather one tiny little bump on the outer side of my foot below the pinkie. Some podiatrists call it a tailor’s bunion, others a bunionette (how quaint). The vamp just happens to cross my foot right at that point. If you don’t have noticeable bunions or tailor’s bunions as I do, I doubt you’d have an issue at all with the Abeo Dee, especially if you’re looking for a comfortable espadrille wedge.

I am willing to wear my new Abeo shoes around to see if I can stretch the soft suede upper to conform more to the sides of my feet. I love the style and the trendy lace-up closure. The footbed is comfortable and adequately cushioned, while the arch support is moderate. I don’t necessarily notice the metatarsal support as much as I expected to.


I ordered the size 10 (I normally wear a 9.5-10). The Abeo Dee is available in whole sizes 6-10, from The Walking Company. If a heel isn’t your cup of tea, don’t miss Abeo’s vast collection of active sandals, casual sandals and fitness footwear–most available in three different support levels!

Do you have a favorite pair of Abeo shoes? We’d love to hear from you!

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